Roller Conveyors

We ensure a wide range of gravity and powered roller conveyors manufactured from mild and stainless steel to suit your requirements. The modular design allows for the cost-effective integration of units to create highly efficient and adaptable handling systems. There are the undeniable benefits of Roller Conveyors:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Modular allowing flexibility and future expansion
  • A wide range of auxiliary interfaces is available
  • High quality and robust
  • Low Maintenance
  • Speeds up to 110m per minute

Powered line shaft roller conveyors are used in a wide range of automated handling installations such as feeding products to an assembly, packaging station or machinery; sortation systems; order picking through to dispatch, etc. We guarantee the best solutions that create a cost-effective investment for your venture.

Ensure a smooth process!

You are looking for outstanding efficiency with our transit conveyor. Powered by a robust SEW motor gearbox transferring drive using an underslung line shaft and a series of bands and spools, it provides an experience that is second to none.

Lineshaft systems can be integrated with auxiliary devices, including switch sorters, chain transfers, blade stops, pushers etc. These systems are an excellent application for cartons, totes, and boxes that will not be damaged by contact accumulation.

Upgrade your efficiency!

Non-contact, zero pressure accumulation conveyors can be used when handling delicate or varying shapes and sizes of products that need to queue without contact – this will avoid damage or jamming of products on the conveyor. That level of efficiency translates to a smoother process and one that is hassle-free and fast.

The system works by using small roller zones powered by a single motorised roller connected to multiple slave rollers with bands, and the zone is controlled by a single Photo Electric Cell or PEC sensor.

Speed up production!

Gravity roller conveyors offer an ultra-low-cost and effective way of reducing manual handling, moving goods and speeding up the production flow of goods between two points. Reliable as they are not reliant on power, we offer a wide range of conveyor systems with steel rollers, high-impact-plastic rollers, plastic or steel ‘skate’ wheels and even extra heavy-duty steel roller sections.

Our range of gravity conveyors includes extendable and mobile conveyors, which offer flexibility and are ideal for linking assembly plant or packaging machines, warehouses, and loading and unloading vehicles.